Mandatory part of the LL.B studies programme is a one year lasting stay abroad. Therefore a range of Partner Universities is provided.
Students of the LL.B. programme have unrestricted access to study places at Universities in Wroclaw,
Fukuoka, Málaga, Paris, Rovaniemi partnerunis_ausschnittand Szeged. Moreover, the Universities Durham, Glasgow, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Lisbon and Stockholm are partners in the faculty’s ELPIS-Programme and principally fulfill the requirements to be met by the Partner Universities of the LL.B. programme. These places are available to LL.B. students if the capacities are underutilized by the ELPIS programme.
If you want to spend your year abroad at one of these universities, please inform yourself whether the relevant courses required for your degree (see below) are offered during your proposed stay before applying.
You may also choose any other suitable University by yourself; however, the major requirement for the recognition of the stay abroad is that the conditions stated by the Examination Regulations are met.
The Conditions for recognition of the stay abroad are in accordance with § 5 para. 1 in conjunction with Appendix 2 of the examination regulations:

  • The acquisition of a total of at least 30 (recommended: 60) credits from the following subjects: Information Technology Law, Intellectual Property Law, Civil Law, International Law, European Law, Constitutional Law, Competition Law, Business Law, Information Technology and qualified languages;
  • Additionally the minimal requirement of a successful participation of at least two courses in the fields of Information Technology Law or Intellectual Property Law has to be met.