University of Szeged

The city of Szeged is with 170,000 inhabitants the third largest city of Hungary. It is located on the southern border of Hungary near the border triangle with Serbia and Romania around 170 kilometers from Budapest at the mouth of the river Mures in the Tisza. Szeged is also known as the “City of Sunshine” because of its large number of sunny hours per year. The most important economic branch of the town is the food production. Above all, the company Pick, which produces the world famous Szeged Paprika Salami, is the most important patron of the city in the field of sport and culture. The climate in Szeged is predominately continental. The summers are usually hot and the winters cold.

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Soon after the Second World War Szeged has become a center for business, culture and science due to its fast-growing food industry. With the many merged universities, colleges and high schools the city is now one of the five major education centers in Hungary. The high number of historical buildings and places makes Szeged interesting for many European tourists. The city center forms with its Town Hall built in Art Nouveau and its many green areas and fountains a nice place to stroll. In addition, this location is frequently used for events that attract all year round not only citizens but also tourists, such as the beer festival or the open-air theater. Moreover, the University organizes annually the autumn-culture-festival. In regards of sports Szeged is represented with its Handball SC Pick Szeged, which is one of the top three clubs in the league.

University of Szeged

The university was initially founded in Cluj in 1872 and belongs with 30,500 students and 12 faculties to the largest institutions of the country. The most famous faculty of the University is certainly the medical school, which is engaged into intensive research in the field Neuroendocrinology and Immunology. The focus of the faculty of law is among others on European law. Therefore, it offers courses and seminars in French and German language too. The University is also known for its central library, which covers over a million copies and is the largest southern Hungary. In addition to the University students inhabit also the city center, which always appears young and vibrant because of its bars and many recreational opportunities.
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Academic year:
– Winter semester from mid-September to mid-January
– Summer semester from February to mid-May

Academic language: English